Picture of Fr. Rob


On behalf of all the people of All Saints Church, it is my joy to welcome you in the name and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to explore the wealth of information and resources about our life and ministry as a parish family.


All Saints is a Christ-centered parish community that endeavors to be a welcoming place to all who seriously seek the Lord and who wish to follow and serve Him. All of us, whoever we are and however we see ourselves, are loved by God. All of us are invited to hear God’s Holy Word proclaimed and receive His Holy Sacraments. All of us are called to seek our true life in Him. All of us can find healing and forgiveness by His grace. All of us are called to spiritual transformation: the process of Christ being formed in us for the glory of God, for the sake of others, and for the abundance of our lives.


The Christians of the early Celtic tradition in the British Isles, part of our Anglican heritage, spoke of "finding the place of my Resurrection." It was not only to the future they were looking, but to the present moment, to the place where they would be most fully live with Christ.


I invite you to find the place of your Resurrection, here at All Saints Church. In addition to a variety of worship services offered each week, we have Christian education programs for all ages, and an outstanding youth program. We also offer a variety of choir programs for all ages, a weekly healing service (Tuesday Evenings) and a Wednesday evening parish dinner and class offerings. Take advantage of any of the many ministries offered here. Our website (www.allsaintswp.com) is another good source of information about our life and ministries.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


May the goodness and transforming love of Jesus Christ be with you always!


With you on the Journey,


The Rev. Dr. Rob Lord, Rector